The following links will provide additional information about nature topics/ people mentioned on this site and colleagues who have been very encouraging and supportive in our endeavors. Enjoy!

Website Design

We are very grateful to Matt Ortiz for his expertise in making our website vision a reality:



Information for Virginia Wildlife Magazine, wildlife conservation, and outdoor activities in our Commonwealth:


8033-tagging-cnwr-web.jpgMonarchs & Terrapins

Monarch Watch, The University of Kansas:

The Chincoteague Monarch Monitoring Project, Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge:

Journey North, an educational organization that global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change:

The Terrapin Institute and Research Consortium


3482-wildlife-loop-path-web.jpgChildren and Nature

Richard Louv and The Children and Nature Network:



Ron Salmon, Flying Fish Photography:

Ann & Rob Simpson, Simpson’s Nature Photography:

Michael Furtman:



New Lifestyles:


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