Majarov Photography is available to do assignment photography for Editorial use and enjoys putting together feature article/photography packages. Small outdoor events, pets, and photography of homes, gardens and special treasures have been other arenas in which we have worked. Contact us for more detailed information and availability. Below are some examples of assignments we have been delighted to do. Our Image Galleries provide a further display of our interests and capabilities.

Editorial Assisgnments

7536-ss-monarchs-web-links.jpg2733-racer-pi-web.jpgPhotography of nature and environmental topics are a passion for us. We have provided images, or image/ article packages to editors. The endangered Monarch migration, Lyme disease, Honey Bees, Virginia’s Grand Caverns, and baby Black Racers have been significant topics of research and photography. Images and/or written pieces on these topics are available on request. We will also accept assignments for new topics. honey-bees-at-work-web.jpg5863erecting-bbhouse-web.jpg3187terrapin-hatchling-web-link.jpgIn Progress Projects: Currently we are excited about some very interesting new projects: (1) Researching and photograph Diamondback Terrapins including the perils they face in the brackish waters along our mid-Atlantic coast and the efforts that are being made to preserve these magnificent creatures and their important habitat; and (2) A Blue bird trail of nesting boxes along our backyard meadow area that runs along the front of the Battlefield woodland that graces the edge of our property. Our boxes were put out March 24, 2008 and 2 days later we had our first residents!!! Images from these projects will soon be available for editorial use.

Other Assignments


1948-murphy-web.jpg 1911-murphy-eric-web.jpgPet/ Pet Owner Portraits: Pet and pet/owner portraits in beautiful natural settings are a delight! We thank Murphy and Eric for letting us show their handsome portraits. These images were taken in lovely fall blooming flowers next to the lake at Bowman Library, Stephens City, Virginia.

0447wedding-image-web-copy.jpgSmall Outdoor Weddings:The Spring Wedding of Rob & Jude at The Blandy Experimental Farm of the University of Virginia was magnificent with Dogwood, Virginia Blue Bells, lush new grass, and a multitude of wildflowers all at their peak of blooming. Rob & Jude’s graciousness in allowing us to post this photo is much appreciated.

4872-letters-web.jpgSpecial Things:Family memories can be preserved in beautiful images. Shown here are tender letters written in 1914 by Marie’s Grandfather to his bride to be, Marie’s Grandmother, just before they were married. To make this image Marie arranged a few of the antique letters she treasures on hand made lace lovingly made by her Grandmother and accented the grouping with buddleia from our garden. It looks magnificent framed.

3352-golf-tournament-web.jpg4784-golf-uj-m-web.jpgGolf Outings: Retirement Celebrations — like Milan’s Retirement Golf Tournament, any special golf match, or just a fun day on the course with friends can be nicely remembered with our images. We can photograph the event and provide prints and/or a CD/DVD PowerPoint Presentation to commemorate the day, great shots, and the fun.

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