milan-marie-majarov-web.jpg Welcome to “Majarov Photography” where we hope you will become inspired, intrigued, and excited by the wonder and beauty of the natural world.

Marie Majarov, a freelance photographer/ writer, and her husband Milan are nature and outdoor enthusiasts who reside on the edge of a beautiful old woodland in Frederick County Virginia, near the city of Winchester. This Oak and Hickory forest, now known as the Third Winchester Battlefield Park and providing 4.5 miles of walking trails and photographic opportunities, was the site of the bloodiest Civil War Battle fought in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

Both Marie & Milan are Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologists, with more years of working in the human services field than they care to enumerate. Milan is newly retired from the VA Department of Health, and Marie continues to work in part-time private practice evaluating and treating children and adults.

Marie has always enjoyed numerous creative and outdoor activities. Photographing her family, hand knit sweaters, quilts, and garden led Marie to pursue the art of photography itself.  She was privileged to  study under nationally acclaimed nature photographers Ann & Rob Simpson and to earn a Certificate in Nature and Outdoor Photography form Lord Fairfax Community College, Summa Cum Laude.

Along with the development of her photography came a passionate interest in natural history, the environment, and writing. Soon, to Marie & Milan’s surprise, insects were an especially intriguing focus for them both. Honey Bees, The Girls of Summer, Virginia WildlifeMay 2004 their first feature article with photographs described bee keeping, its joys and perils. Marie moved on to valuable lessons she learned from a black-legged tick, Bull’s Eye! Aim for Prevention, Virginia Wildlife May 2006, vigorously inspired by her own experience with Lyme disease to educate others about this increasingly widespread danger.

8100-monarch-goldenrod-web.jpgMeeting Dr. Lincoln Brower, the world-renowned zoologist and Monarch butterfly scientist, and working on his Chincoteague Monarch Monitoring Project  coordinated by Denise Gibbs, a dedicated and talented Professional Interpretive Naturalist, made both Marie & Milan confirmed Monarch people. An ongoing official Monarch Waystation and butterfly garden has been developed in the Majarov yard. A manuscript Featherweight Flyers about Monarch research and tagging in Virginia will soon be published in Virginia Wildlife. Marie has also developed a PowerPoint presentation on the life cycle and natural history of this incredible summer visitor which, used along with some magnificent video CDs made by Dr. Brower showing the threatened Monarch overwintering grounds high in the Transvolcanic Mountains of Mexico, enable she and Milan to speak and educate regarding the endangered Monarch migration.  Information sources for Monarchs and the Chincoteague Monarch Monitoring Project can be found on our Links page.

Marie’s work has also appeared in Zoogoer, a Smithsonian magazine, and BlueRidge Country; she has shown at the prestigious Art at the Mill, Millwood Virginia, and her photographs have been regularly used on publicity materials for New Life Styles a nationally recognized Transition Program for Emerging Adults. Many of her images have been winners in the Virginia Wildlife Annual Photography contests and the 2006 Hatteras Island Cancer Foundation Photography competition. More details can be found in Publications and Awards. Marie & Milan are currently in the process of writing 2 children’s picture books, which they hope will be the foundation for a series of children’s nature picture books. Members of the Virginia Outdoor Writers Association, Marie & Milan were pleased to accept appointments to VOWA’s board at the anual meeting in March 2008 and look forward to being an active part of this organiztion. Marie is also a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators.

As a member of Virginia Outdoor Writers Association Marie, along with Milan, had the splendid opportunity to attend the 2007 Outdoor Writers Association of America annual meeting in Roanoke. Opportunities for learning were spectacular, the highlight being Michael Furtman, reknown author and photographer from Duluth MN, as a mentor; his ongoing encouragement and support of our work had been invaluable. The Keynote address by author Richard Louv, "Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature Deficit Disorder," delivered to over 700 writers and photographers was stiring to everyone present.  For Marie & Milan personaly, many aspects of our lives and interests came together as we listened to this outstanding address.

Travel and developing our natural history and environmental interests thru Majarov Photography is a dream we plan to make a reality in the years ahead. Actively supporting the work of Richard Louv and the Children and Nature Network, we envision combining our psychological awareness and expertise in the needs of children with our love of nature and photography to help insure that “no child is left inside,” inspiring and exciting children, both young and old, about the wonders of nature and encouraging the preservation of our precious natural resources.


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